About the game

Archeo is a brand new indie game specific game type described as Real time strategy game with RPG and TBS elements. Explore procedurally generated HEX maps and fight to survive. Tame prehistoric creatures, find resources, research new technologies, develop genes and spawn new dinosaurs.

Current version

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Alpha 0.14

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Archeo comes to 4.8.1

archeo_4.8.1I Finally managed to convert Archeo game from 4.6.1 to 4.8.1! It was serious operation because of 8gb data, 7000+ files (130 blueprints).
Switching to the latest version solved many problems with post processing outlines, sounds near our character, cursor customization and much more. It also increases fps by 10-20%.

Final Archeo’s look

archeo's lookHere is my latest main character improvement. It’s low poly and well optimized so shouldn’t be any problem later on. I need to add some animations once again but it is piece of cake compared to sculpting and texturing.

Archeo’s new look!

archeo's new lookIn the last two days I’ve learned some sculpting and texturing basics. Here is my first try at making new Archeo model. I hope You like his new look!
Low poly has 742 vertices, high poly 4 millions :)

New egg interface


Recently I’ve been working on new, fresh interface for dinosaurs. Selection menu is pretty simple but mechanics are advanced with many development possibilities. To discover new dinosaurs find resources and take new hexes. For better production use fire (firecamp) and water (rivers).